About us

Cogniz Info Tech is one of Kerala’s premier professional technology Service front-runner, built on our unique strength of imparting high quality digital transformation through IT education and production in novel innovations and industry-academia interface. The federation of brands engaged in Information Technology make us focused in 3 different streams such as: Software, Hardware and Networking & Embedded Systems. Our academic stream is well aware of the needs of the business and society. We conduct our courses in a highly supportive environment that gears you towards future employability giving a distinct advantage in today's competitive world. We have built a strong established reputation and brought ideal lasting business relationships on the principles of trust and through our investment in people and ethical business practices

We believe that providing employees with good working conditions in an environment that is driven by technology, the company can achieve the highest levels of efficiency. This structure ensures the effectiveness of our competitive advantage in an open world. We can provide high quality products in the market. We have superior quality control. Ultimately our goal is to provide a positive experience for all those involved in our business .

Why Cogniz Info Tech

    Quality Is Our Protocol

    Like everything we do, our programs are water tight capsules that contain a healthy dosage of information, formal etiquette, teamwork, foresight and effective communication. Our transformational programs are designed to bring out the best out of all participants. Our trainers, tasked with training your human resource are the absolute best at what they do.

    Practicality Is Our Credo

    Unlike other companies that provide training, Learning Candid believes in a cost effective model that’s designed to ease the load on companies, by being financially balanced. We help you cut out the lags in the performance of your employees, hence decreasing your areas of expenditure even further.

    Choice Is Our Offering

    Through careful research and articulation, we have developed a set of programs that pretty much cover every aspect of work and work culture in the industry. Choose from our highly adaptable and customizable list of skill development activities, while pairing our technical programs with soft skills programs to mold your employees into leaders of tomorrow.

    Empathy Is Our Key Virtue

    While other training companies flood the market for profit, our agenda is to provide opportunities of optimization to each and every company, no matter how big or small. We specialize in understanding each and every aspect of a company and our role in the scheme of things. At the end of the day, our satisfaction is derived from knowing the fact that we have made a substantial and sustainable difference!!