Are you or your friend looking for internship?

Our software Training programs also offer an opportunity to the student to avail an internship program. Cogniz Info Tech provides an opportunity to the interested graduate programmers to avail and internship program. During this 6/4/3 month’s period of Internship, the interns will work on real time projects with our software and web development teams and gain industry relevant knowledge, professional & Interpersonal skill that will be valuable throughout the career. This hands on experience is relevant and necessary to gain a job as employers seek in this competitive IT Job market. We provide every interns a snapshot of what it would actually be like working in a particular field.

We are in the process of forming a team of Junior Software Developers, for our requirements as well as our partners, with expertise in the fields of JAVA,.NET, Android and PHP. We at Cogniz Info Tech firmly believe in maintaining a blend of seasoned professionals and fresh, highly motivated new graduates in our team. As part of our plan to identify talented youngsters looking for a career in Software Development, we are recruiting trainees who will be on probation for 6 months during which time you will undergo an intensive industry oriented On The Job training which will be of 4-5 months duration, the details of which are given below.

  • 1) The probation and training shall be for 3 months and 6 months respectively.
  • 2) You will undergo comprehensive training on Software technologies and will participate in projects under the guidance of our technical team.
  • 3) You will also undergo a one to one personality development and work place skills Development program which will be conducted by professionals contracted by CIT.
  • 4) Candidates who successfully complete the probation as per the requirement of CIT will be offered an employment with CIT or any other Company with which CIT has a consulting or placement arrangement.
  • 5) On successful completion of the probation, you will be provided a training Certificate and an experience certificate for the duration of the probation.
  • 6) Candidates who discontinue the probation and training program for any reason will not be Eligible for employment.

  • Three phases in our Internship Program

    Deserving Candidates may be awarded stipends, scholarships and other benefits, depending on their performance and recommendations of the mentors. You can choose to work in one of Five IT Specialized Internship paths.

    Once the internship is completed, the student will be ready to enter the corporate world. Cogniz info Tech Placement division will be keen on the availability of Jobs in top software companies through direct placements. Advanced level Customized internship training at CIT is awesome. More of practical sessions and live projects. I felt like a family where everyone cares about our future. Learning Framework was the turning point for me to get a job as PHP programmer.