“No Emaciated Thinness”: Blake Lively Showed Her Figure For The First Time After The Birth Of Her Fourth Daughter!

Blake Lively, the 35-year-old actress known for her role in “Gossip Girl,” has returned to work after giving birth to her fourth child. She was spotted by paparazzi on the set in New York. Blake is managing to balance motherhood and her career, showing her dedication.

On the set, she appeared in a stylish brown dress with a low neckline that accentuated her curves. Her hair was styled in soft waves, and her makeup highlighted her natural beauty.

People on the internet were amazed by her post-pregnancy body, praising her for looking beautiful and natural.

Blake is currently working on a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s popular novel, “It’ll End With Us.” This marks her first film project in the past three years.

She married actor Ryan Reynolds in 2012, and together they have four daughters whose names they have chosen to keep private.

What do you think of the appearance of the actress?

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