A mom started singing ‘With You’ on Britain’s Got Talent and everyone else was taken aback because of her voice…

Musical theater performer Rachel Wooding is from Yorkshire. She nailed the “With You” number from “Ghost the Musical” at her Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Throughout the concert, she had a wide vocal range and superb breath control.

Wooding has been acting since she was a young child and studied performing arts at Bird College. She starred in musical productions including “Cats” and “Starlight Express” in Germany.

She also received the lead part in the UK tour of the musical Evita.

Despite her experience, Rachel was nervous throughout her audition. It was her first time singing as a mother, she added. She showed the crowd that she had “mom’s brain” when she pulled a pacifier out of her back pocket.

She was chosen to move on to the next round by all four judges unanimously. When Simon Cowell lauded her performance as the best he had ever heard of that song, some audience members started crying. It appears that having a mother hasn’t diminished Rachel’s intelligence at all!

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