‘A miracle baby’: Black couple gives birth to a blond, blue-eyed child and doctors are in awe

A Nigerian couple named Angela and Ben Ihegboro once resided in London. They already had two children when they were about to give birth to their daughter, and they had no idea that their new arrival would captivate the hearts of millions of people and astound medical professionals.

Angela and Ben stared at their daughter’s golden hair and blue eyes the moment they set eyes on her.

Being black parents of a white child initially surprised them, but soon they began to refer to the youngster as their “miracle baby.”

Some people had the impression that Ben wasn’t the girl’s father, but he is positive of it. Little Nmachi, as they named their daughter, wouldn’t be that white and distinct from the rest of the family even if the father were a different person, which of course isn’t the case here.

Doctors and other medical professionals were astounded. Nmachi’s pale skin still defies explanation, according to them.

They do identify a few things as potential causes, though. One of them is that if Nmachi has children when she is older, they will probably look exactly like her because of a genetic abnormality that caused her appearance. The second explanation could be the recently discovered existence of long-dormant white genes in her parents’ ancestors. The third factor, even though Nmachi doesn’t resemble an albino youngster at all, could be a modified version of albinism.

In any case, she doesn’t resemble an albino youngster. Not like the ones I have seen in books or my own Nigeria. As her father Ben puts it, “She just looks like a healthy white baby.”

Nmachi, who was born in 2010, is thus far in great health. She only made her parents’ lives happier and more joyful.

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