She’s only 3 years old!The baby sang a song, because of which Dad could not describe his emotions.

On YouTube, this video has gained a lot of popularity. Three-year-old Claire made the decision to surprise her father by performing a beautiful song for him. Just take a moment to enjoy her lovely voice. We are confident that you are powerless over your emotions.

Children benefit much from singing.Children who sing have a lower risk of contracting numerous diseases because singing increases blood circulation, which strengthens the immune system.
The development of rhythm and hearing is aided by vocals. Furthermore, vocals help with memory because children need to learn several songs and their melodies during class.

Singing classes are particularly useful for asthma sufferers as they help to normalize, develop, and improve respiratory function. Speech abnormalities are notably eliminated by vocal lessons (e.g., the baby stutters less when singing). Vocalists hone their interpersonal, teamwork, communication, and concentration abilities.

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