Talent show: the girl’s dress flew off, the judge fell from delight!

The show’s premise, in which regular people showcase their talents and get evaluations from a celebrity judges, is at its height of appeal. Audiences are especially drawn to vocal tryouts and dance pieces.

Newcomers to the big stage put up energetic, heartfelt performances. The audience seated in the hall is the main judge of their calling card, which is the music selection and dance performance. The reason these shows are popular is because of their vivid and unforgettable image, acting or vocal abilities. And such abilities are revealed every season.

Christina Ramos, 37, enthralled everyone with her excitement throughout her performance, which is included in the video. In the first round of the Spanish talent show, she made it beyond the primary selection and performed the aria “Cantante” for the jury. Her lovely operatic voice was well-received by both the star jury and the audience. However, that was only the start.

Christina took an audacious risk. In the middle of the show, she abruptly removed her elegant evening gown and changed into a brazen rock diva. The well-received aria gave origin to the hit song “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. The audience was astounded and delighted by the unexpected shift. Give it a look.

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