Owen Wilson refuses to visit his only daughter after paternity test – and she looks ‘exactly like him’

Owen Wilson is constantly at the top of the list of actors in Hollywood who radiate warmth and excitement.

The actor has garnered a large following of admirers worldwide and has accumulated a number of successful blockbuster movies over the years.

The audience finds him charming not only because of his obvious talent and charisma, but also because he seems so relatable. His easygoing, down to earth personality makes him even more lovable, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a natural sense of humor.

But if rumors are to be believed, Wilson may have a darker side to his life that hides like a seldom-seen cloud. That concerns the 54-year-old’s only child, whom he has never met, and the struggle her biological mother is waging to get Wilson to take accountability.

Owen Wilson is unable to attend his youngest daughter’s birthday celebration.
Owen Wilson made a decision many years ago. That his daughter Layla’s care will be different. He was so busy that he missed her 4th birthday celebration. The actor has a complicated relationship with the child. That has effectively cut him out of her life.

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Since Lyla was born in October 2018, Wilson has primarily supported her financially through child support payments; this was done after a paternity test confirmed that he is, in fact, her father.

In addition to paying $70,000 for Vongsvirates’ legal fees, a labor coach, and a night nurse, Wilson reportedly pays the little girl $25,000 a month even though he has never met her.

In court, the actor indicated that he does not want custody of her by checking the no visits box.

According to reports, Vongsvirates pleaded with her ex-boyfriend to spend time with their daughter. By all accounts, Wilson gets along well with both of his boys’ mothers and is a good parent to his two boys.

Conversely, Wilson shows no signs of being attentive toward Lyla. He has tried everything, as previously stated, to distance himself from both his daughter and her mother, even after the latter sent him the following message:

“You’re missing out on seeing your wonderful daughter; you should go see her.” She resembles you exactly. Lyla is reported to have brilliant golden hair and baby blue eyes, just like her father.

Wilson is “not involved at all,” according to Vongsvirates, who spoke to The Daily Mail. Wilson has never met Lyla.

She said, “He helps out financially, but it’s never been about that.”

“Lyla needs a father role model. It is strange that Owen keeps getting parent roles; in the movie he is in now, he is a father who has never met his own daughter.

How do you feel about Owen Wilson’s behavior with his daughter? Regardless of the situation, I think it’s awful that someone could be so cold toward their own child.

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