I Came Home and Found My Humiliated Wife Crying behind a Closed Door

A man heard his wife crying in their bedroom, the door locked. As she answered the door, he requested her to tell him what had happened. When she told him what had made her cry, he went into the kitchen and lost it on his 16-year-old nieces.

When he heard his wife crying, he pleaded with her to tell him what was happening. His wife had been on chemotherapy when the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. Due to the side effects of the drug, she lost her beautiful hair.

Wearing a wig helped her feel more at ease because she felt self-conscious about her bald head. One day when she woke up, she discovered her wig was missing.

The man chose to stay anonymous while explaining what transpired on the Reddit “AITA” topic. He wanted to know if this was his fault or not from other users.

His wife lost hair as a result of the chemotherapy she was taking for cancer. Unlike other women, she did not feel at ease walking out in public with a bald head.

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She knew her hair would not come back quickly, so she decided to get a wig that looked like her own hair. Her husband encouraged her to wear it and supported the idea.

But the man’s sister was going through a difficult period in her life. She was destitute following her divorce. She made an inquiry to her brother about moving in with him and her twin kids.

What happened? Why are you crying? Grasping her arms, he inquired.

There was no reason for the man to refuse allowing his sister and nieces to move in with him. He had no idea what the next few days held.

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After they moved in, the man’s nieces were enthralled with his wife’s wig. They insisted on touching and wearing it, asking her why she did so. The girls also asked the woman if they could change it and see what happened. The woman felt uneasy taking off her wig in front of them, so she insisted on leaving it on.

A few days later, when returning home from work, the man heard his wife sobbing in their bedroom. He pushed and turned the iron doorknob, but the door would not open.

When he yelled her name multiple times, she got from the bed and opened the door. What happened? He gave her a tight hug and asked, “Why are you crying?”

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“They took away my wig!” the woman cried, gesturing to the door.

Further investigation revealed that his nieces had taken his wife’s wig and were not planning to return it until she had left her room without wearing it. When she asked them to give it back, they pulled out their phone to make a video of her.

The moment she saw their phones, she fled to her bedroom and locked herself inside. They continued to knock, but she would not open the door.

After hearing this tale, the man became furious. With a fury, he went from the bedroom into the kitchen to confront the girls. Afterwards, after they had become confused, the women gave him the wig. He chastised them, saying that by keeping the wig hidden from his wife, they were demeaning her.

The girls said it was a joke and the woman didn’t have to feel humiliated until the man’s sister interrupted and suggested that his wife was exaggerating. The father explained, though, that his wife—who was already uncomfortable without a wig—was at fault because the girls had recorded her. He was accused of embellishing by his sister, who rejected his reasons.

Since it didn’t seem like the girls or their mother were willing to acknowledge that they had done anything wrong, the father became enraged. With his sister, he lost it and made her leave his house immediately.

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“They thought I wasn’t serious, so when I told them about the eviction later, they started crying and pleading with me to let it go,” the man stated.

He refused to let her remain at his house when his sister called to implore him to make a good impression for her. Knowing that his nieces caused discomfort for his wife, he thought it would be best to throw them away.

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Even after he told them they couldn’t stay, they kept pleading. He told other Reddit users about the incident to see if he was the one who should have thrown them out.

Looking out of a window is a man | Source: Unsplash “NTA. “They’re sixteen years old, old enough to know better and understand that actions have consequences,” Aunty Fascist remarked. She continued by saying that the wife wasn’t feeling well and that the girls should be expelled from the house for insulting her.

Redditor Gypsy_teacher claimed that her 6-year-old kid would have understood if she had told him that she didn’t feel comfortable without a wig.

“If my son did that at age 16, I would lock up the car keys, flush his phone down the can, and ground him until he’s 25,” she went on.

Megalush, a Redditor, asserted that her 7-year-old kid would never hurt someone in that manner. She thought her child, who was three years old, was better than those sixteen-year-old girls.

“What would happen if someone recorded themselves laughing, shaving THEIR heads?”The girls were rude, yet the father was gracious enough to let them stay at his place. Laulau88foo remarked, looking shocked.

Most Redditors thought the man wasn’t at fault. Instead, they thought that since what they had done was wrong, he was acting responsibly by asking them to leave.

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