Bravo! How does a guy who lost 440 pounds look?

A well-known TV program helped American Casey shed 200 pounds. However, the fortunate man soon discovered that things had changed. When the American saw himself in the mirror after losing weight, he was taken aback. Casey was so different now. The man’s face sagged and his lines showed more after he shed a lot of weight.

Casey is happy that he lost weight even though he now faces new issues. The young man intends to go. “He’ll have plastic surgery and recover just like new.”

“Why did you harm yourself in that way?” “Well done,” “You did a fantastic job,”

“You ought to have given up earlier and stopped portraying yourself that way.” “You’re a hero, Casey,” “I hope I can lose weight too,” and so on.

Upon viewing Casey’s photo, online people said, “When I look at you, I realize that all is not lost.”

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