When A Dᴇᴀd Person Appears In Your Dream, Here’s What It Represents

Everyone experiences the loss of a loved one at some point in their lives, and it may have a profound impact on people in a variety of ways. Dreams that feature the departed are a fascinating part of this grieving and are frequently very significant. Some people think that these dreams—also known as visitation dreams—allow them to communicate with the dead.

Associate professor of neurology and psychiatry at Boston University School Patrick McNamara has published and researched a great deal about dreams, especially visitation dreams. According to him, it’s not uncommon to have visitation nightmares in which the departed manifests itself clearly and in good health. Even McNamara, who experienced a visitation dream following the loss of his parents, regards them as proof that there is life after death. He thinks that these dreams aid bereaved people in overcoming psychological pain.

Studies investigating the effects of sorrow dreams have discovered that, in addition to being common and often quite profound, dreams concerning the deceased can aid in the healing process following a loss. Themes like revisiting old memories, seeing the departed in good health, or getting messages from them are common in these dreams.

In a 2016 Canadian study of middle-aged people who had just suffered a major loss, it was discovered that 67.1% of participants believed more strongly in an afterlife when they dreamed about the deceased. These dreams further strengthened their feeling of connection to the departed.

A psychologist at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology named Jennifer E. Shorter has studied the relationship between dreams and waking life. The deceased frequently appear younger or in better health, they make comments about their well-being, the message is more mental in nature, and the dream has an aura of serenity, harmony, and order. These are the four qualities that set visitation dreams apart from regular dreams, according to her.

It’s challenging to put a number on the frequency of visits dreams because they’re still a strange and very personal experience. These dreams can provide consolation, assurance, and a sense of ongoing communication with their deceased loved ones to people who have had them. Although the actual nature of these dreams is still up for discussion, they provide a distinctive viewpoint on how people deal with the death of a loved one.

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