Wife cheats to ‘see if she still had it,’ husband says ‘wrinkles making her sad’ blew up their lives

A husband is having trouble with his adulterous wife, who covered up her adultery when she was in a vulnerable place and only wanted to “see if she still had it.”

The wife begs for forgiveness, telling her husband that the much younger man’s attention fueled her ego. However, the harsh man responds that she blew “up our entire lives over wrinkles making her sad.”

Discover why this husband is querying the Reddit community about whether or not his desire for a divorce is incorrect by reading on!

A man who was in dire need of guidance posted his account of an unpleasant circumstance involving his unfaithful wife on the ‘Am I Wrong’ subreddit at the end of February.

The 39-year-old man provided some background information to the Reddit community by stating that he has been married to his 33-year-old wife for 10 of their 14 years of dating. The couple has a seven-year-old daughter.

He reveals that his wife went on a weekend excursion with her sister and a few other girls to a resort for an adult-only party that featured a lot of alcohol.

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“I didn’t feel concerned at all. The original poster states, “I have never had a reason to distrust her, and she has never done anything to give me cause for concern.”

The author reports that his wife called him in the morning after the daughters’ first night out, crying and unable to speak.

“She told me she had slept with someone else the previous night when I eventually managed to calm her down. The husband writes, “She supposedly met a guy, who SHE contacted, they danced together, and she assumed that was as far as it would go. However, it is said that he merely seduced her into kissing her, which led to their making out, which led to her requesting him to walk her back to her hotel, and ultimately to them engaging in sexual activity.

He claims that this occurred several times, precisely five times, and that her shame caused her to stop but not enough to prevent her from starting again.

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According to the original post, “she says that she kept thinking ‘it was wrong’ but then would think ‘it’s too late now anyway, so might as well carry on’ and basically go through a loop of that.” She also revealed her divorce to the “handsome man,” who was roughly ten years younger.

Her wrinkles make her cry.
“She claims she doesn’t know what came over her, and she just wanted to “check if she still had it,” but she got carried away,” the original poster wrote.

“It drove her ego crazy,” he continues. “That’s when she decided to kiss him.”

Seeking clarification and giving his spouse sufficient leeway to express her concerns, he inquired as to why she felt the need to convince herself that “she still had it.”

She claims that she has been aware of her aging since turning thirty. that she breaks down in tears whenever she notices a new wrinkle or other change. She claimed that she felt youthful again after talking to the guy, and she took a shine to that.

A circle of deception
The woman was lying to her sister, who was also in the room with her, in addition to betraying her husband and giving the stranger false information about her marital status. Her sister, who inadvertently allowed the wife to bring the stranger back to her bed, spent the night with the girls in a different room while claiming she needed sleep.


It seems that they were unaware that she had even accompanied him home. They observed them conversing but did not take notice,” he says, adding that her sister, who is upset with her actions, has called him since finding out the wife was kicked out of the house.

But he laments, “I just want them all to leave me alone,” as he struggles with the grief of her adultery.

“I want to leave her,” he writes. She’s pleading with me not to, promising marriage counseling, telling me not to go out or drink ever again, and so on. I’ve never been the kind of guy to take chances. I have been ignoring her and told her to go f*** herself.

His mother told her son what had transpired and asked him to “forgive her.”

He still isn’t sure what he will do, though. She is residing at her mother’s place until I make my decision. She pleaded with me not to force her to leave, but when I told her it was the least she could do after ruining our whole life over wrinkles making her unhappy, she agreed.

“Get rid of her.”
The original poster begs Redditors for help, saying, “I feel like I’m insane.” Is it incorrect of me to not even think of forgiving her?

Internet users came in to provide support and guidance on the sad circumstances.

“You’re not in error. One person comments, “It [isn’t] worth it if all it took was a few drinks and a charming guy to get her to throw away her relationship and her family.”

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A second person says, “You’re not wrong at all; she betrayed your trust,” echoing the first. Will she now act in this manner everywhere she goes? She also told you that she had intercourse with him more than once, not just once.

“Cut your losses and move on,” advises a third. She chased him, as you mentioned. If she was that careless, it’s probably not an isolated incident; she disregarded your marriage so readily, even lying to you about its status. Cheating for hours is not a one-time “mistake.”

The father concludes by saying he’s “still reeling” and that this kid is shielded from the drama since she thinks “mummy is still on holiday.”

“She disclosed to [the stranger] that her divorce was proceeding. Another Redditor comments, “Time to divorce her and make an honest woman out of her.”

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