Homeless lady given free ‘ugly’ abandoned trailer, but wait till you see what she made of it

In recent years, a growing number of people have chosen to live on their own. It is distinguished by small-scale textile and apparel production, household food storage, and subsistence farming. A small amount of crafts for sale or domestic usage are also included.

This way of living is becoming more and more common because it enables individuals to maintain a certain standard of living that doesn’t demand a lot of money.

Mama V is one individual who became committed to homesteading. This woman eventually left the city behind and moved into an old mini-school bus because she was bored of the hectic life in the city and because she had always dreamed of establishing a home for herself in the remote woods.

Initially, the tiny school bus appeared to be the ideal residence; nevertheless, due to the presence of her dogs and cats, the space became rather congested, leading her to contemplate obtaining an extra room—a challenging task to organize or build. She also lacked the actual funds necessary for this kind of undertaking.

However, she was then invited over by a neighbor, who also offered her his old, abandoned trailer that had been sitting in his yard for a long time.

Although he intended to get rid of it, he gave it to Mama V for free as she seemed to like it and became very happy about it.

“It’s not pretty, but she’s mine!” Regarding her trailer, Mama V commented.

She had to sell her bus in order to have the money to remodel the trailer. She knew it would take a lot of time and effort to convert that dilapidated trailer into a home, but she was eager to take on the project.

But Mama V couldn’t do it by herself, so she called on her two friends, Jayme and Kevin, for help.

The trailer was leak-free and in good structural condition, despite being quite dusty and in need of some repairs. Furthermore, it came with a refrigerator and a microwave/stove combo that worked.

Mama V’s pals left her to enjoy her new slice of heaven after a long day of cleaning.

Aside from that, the trailer had two full propane tanks, a pull-out couch, a fully equipped kitchen, two twin beds, a shower and bathtub in the bathroom, a panel that monitored energy consumption, and an abundance of storage.

Mama V would begin her own garden and the life she has always desired as soon as she moved in.

She is happy to have a place to call home for herself and her pets as well as to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors who support her in any way possible as she sets out on her new journey.

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