My husband wanted me to clean his friend’s house for money, so I made up a perfect plan to teach him a lesson

Mia looked after her brother Jared, who was 12 years old, after her parents perished in an automobile accident. Even though they both knew it would be difficult, they were committed to persevere and learn how to support themselves.

Mia and Jared were given full reign to stay in their smallest apartment by the landlord of the long-term residence of Mia and her family.

Even while Mia was grateful for the landlord’s generosity, she also desired something in return for allowing them to occupy their apartment for free. Mia was told by their gracious landlady, Vera, that she may assist them in cleaning their house once or twice a week if she so desired. Vera is an older woman. Given the advanced age of both Vera and her husband, Charles, Mia was more than happy to assist with that.

Mia took on Unsplash Cleaning as her part-time job to help her balance her educational obligations and brother’s needs.
She eventually attracted an increasing number of wealthy clientele who paid her twice as much.

Vera and Charles asked Mia and Jared to supper one evening. Vera remarked, “We’re so proud of you, Mia,” as they conversed. However, you must begin considering your next course of action. You are not meant to spend the rest of your life cleaning.

In an effort to further her education, Mia eventually chose to enroll in a psychology course at the community college, which is how she first met Martin. He appeared to be the ideal man for her, and before long, she was completely enamored with him.

Martin gave her the assurance that their life together would be ideal. He also came to love Jared.

Most importantly, Mia was adored by Martin’s family, particularly his mother Brenda. The two spent a lot of time together and grew very close.

Martin informed Mia that she wouldn’t have to work when she moved in until she decided what she wanted to study or do. Additionally, it appeared that he had no problems with Mia’s previous employment as a cleaner.

However, Brenda once asked Mia if she had any funny tales from her time cleaning people’s homes while they were baking something in the kitchen. After Mia related a few strange experiences, Martin came into the kitchen and they both burst out laughing.

“What’s the joke between you two?” he inquired, sifting through the grape bowl on the tabletop.

“Mia’s former life,” Brenda uttered. “She has observed a few odd things.”

“Enough,” firmly declared Martin. That was a while ago. I’m heading to the shower.

Martin had never previously discussed his feelings on Mia’s previous employment. It was as though he was ashamed of it. Mia was sorry, but she told herself that she was probably misinterpreting Martin and that he wasn’t trying to mean anything.

As the days went by, Brenda and Mia were preparing for Martin’s birthday celebration. Along with part of his relatives, he invited his pals.
They were all together to celebrate Martin’s big day, and there was tinkling of glasses and lively conversation. Although Mia had long known Martin’s pals were diverse, she was always irritated by Antonio’s presence.

In spite of this, I forced a smile, determined to save the night for her.

Antonio’s voice broke through the commotion as the giggling and talking got louder. “Dude, Martin! Your house is fantastic. What a wonderful location.

“You’re lucky, Martin,” he said after taking a quick glance around the home. And a wife to keep everything in order. Perhaps Mia might come clean my apartment in honor of my birthday? Without a woman’s touch, it’s a whole catastrophe zone.

Everyone burst out laughing, but Martin and his dad were the most vocal.

Mia experienced shivers down her back. She was certain that Martin would defend her, but instead of doing so, he laughed and made matters worse by turning to face Antonio and asking, “Well, what are you willing to pay?”

“I believe $5 ought to take care of it,” snorted Antonio.

More laughter ensued, which Mia sensed was aimed at her.

When her mother-in-law saw that Mia was upset, she sent her a note telling her to follow her to the restroom.

After going there, Mia lost her mind.

Not a splash
Brenda expressed her regret for her son’s and her husband’s actions, saying that she didn’t teach Martin to behave in such a way or be unable of standing up for his wife.

Mia didn’t feel ashamed of her history; instead, she just did what was necessary to support her and her brother.
Martin had taught her in the early days of their relationship that there was dignity in honest work. But as time passed, Martin’s actual personality started to show.

Brenda put a consoling hand on Mia’s shoulder, and it made her feel not alone. She declared, “We’ll teach them a lesson.” “This evening, pack your bags. We’re taking a holiday. Only the two of us. See what they would manage without us.

The two women carried out the plan precisely.
Due to their alcohol consumption the night before, Martin and his father were fast asleep as Brenda and Mia left for the airport.

“See you in two weeks,” was written on the letter they left. You should be able to maintain a tidy home with this, plus I’ve connected $5 to it.

Their phones were inundated with calls and texts a few hours later.

Mia called Martin back when they got to their location. He was really insane.

I apologize so much, he said. I really am, Mia. I was hurting people without even realizing it. my dad as well. We sincerely apologize.

After saying, “We’ll talk when we get back,” Mia didn’t give Martin a call for a few days.

When Mia and Brenda returned, they saw complete chaos, just as they had anticipated.

However, Martin’s father and he were both carrying flower bouquets. They sincerely apologized and expressed their regret repeatedly.

Mia heard Martin say, “I spoke to Jared.”

“Yes?” she said, aware that when Martin noticed she wasn’t home, he would first check with Jared.

“He threatened to come get you himself, saying I have one more chance to make things right with you.”

Mia remarked, “That sounds about right.”

Mia said she could no longer see Martin as her Prince Charming, even though she did forgive him for what he had done. He was just a regular man at the end of the day, and he might hurt her.

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