Husband complains about wife’s messy cooking, she gets ultimate revenge

It’s been suggested that engaging in repetitive or mechanical tasks can frequently inspire us.

Agatha Christie, a well-known mystery writer, once publicly admitted that she would often find inspiration while doing dishes because it allowed her thoughts to be free.

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about dishwashing as she is, as demonstrated by a recent argument between her husband and Reddit user u/ApplicationOdd8566.

her annoyance with domestic duties. She was the only one who washed the dishes after meals, even though she loved to cook.

“There are usually a few pots and pans, some utensils, and a cutting board, but I don’t make things that take 100 dishes or leave a huge mess,” the woman wrote. We all dine together after I plate and serve our food. My youngster is old enough to load the dishwasher with his cleaned plates. My hubby follows suit every time.

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She went on to claim that she was exhausted from cooking and that she and her husband both work full-time, so she finally had a conversation in which she asked him if he could do the dishes instead.

He insists that I should clean up the mess myself because I caused it. Despite her anger, I didn’t ask again,” she wrote.

The woman, dissatisfied with her husband’s attitude, resolved to exact some well-earned albeit minor retribution on him.

“I prepared a dinner the following evening that was plenty for my son and me. For the husband, none. He was perplexed. I told him he could prepare his own food if he didn’t want to contribute to the lunch,” she remarked. “This seems reasonable to me! If he can wash the dishes after the meal we shared—which I helped prepare—then he can certainly handle eating on his own!

The incident spurred a conversation on justice and domestic duties. Experts have stated in a piece for Wren Kitchens that splitting up domestic duties, such as cooking and cleaning, can increase communication and build stronger bonds between spouses. Sociological research, however, shows that men generally contribute less to domestic duties, with women still carrying the majority of the workload.

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Many Reddit users complimented the wife for her response and concurred that the husband’s actions were harsh.

One reader wrote, “My husband and I have always shared the responsibility,” in response to their own piece of advise. When our kids were old enough, they helped out too. One of us cooked, the other cleaned. You won’t be receiving a full-service meal because our kitchen is not a restaurant.

Another person said, “By your husband’s logic, you should likewise quit making his side of the bed, laundry, and any other chores that include stuff he uses around the house.”

Another Redditor commented, saying, “I believe more women should strike in this manner. He has the option to feed himself if he chooses not to assist. I’m not really sure why this is an issue.

All things considered, this dispute simply helped to emphasize how crucial it is to strike a balance between home duties, particularly if doing so promotes the maintenance of positive relationships.

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