Daughter Feels Embarrassed by Her Impoverished Mother and Avoids Being Seen with Her – Today’s Highlight

Since her mother mainly wore worn-out clothing, Marissa felt embarrassed and didn’t want to introduce her to her girlfriends. But she learned a valuable lesson from a compassionate stranger that she will never forget.

When Marissa’s father left, her mother Esme raised her alone, and they never had much money to spend. Esme put in more effort than anyone to support her daughter, but over time, she had to make many sacrifices.

Sadly, Marissa lied to her closest friends about her family in the hopes that they would never find out the truth or get to meet her mother because they were preoccupied with fashion and social standing. Marissa’s mom was an avid thrift store shopper, thus she was the only one who wore beautiful clothes.

Esme never indulged in self-gifting. She wore modest clothes, and even though her shoes were terribly worn out, she wouldn’t throw them away. Marissa loved her mother, but she felt self-conscious about her appearance. But their lives would alter one day.

“Hey, Mom.” I’m meeting up with a couple friends at the mall. One afternoon, Marissa said to Esme, “I’ll be back later.”

“Oh! What if I accompany you? I haven’t visited the mall in a long time,” she remarked.

“However, you detest visiting shopping centers. Marissa said, “You always say everything is overpriced and we shouldn’t buy stuff there,” in the hopes that her mother would reconsider.

“Well, we can still have fun without buying clothes. I’d also like to get to know your pals. What say you? Esme went on.

“I suppose…,” Marissa muttered. She was at a loss for words when it came to turning her mother down. However, she was dreading this excursion. She found Rosie and Danielle waiting at Starbucks as planned when they arrived at the mall.

Her mother was a few feet behind her as she hurried to join them. “Hey, ladies!” stated Marissa.

“Hey!” This is where you are. Rosie said, “Let’s go check out some clothes at this store right here.”

“Um… did you bring that woman with you? She’s staring at us,” Danielle abruptly remarked.

Not at all. I have no idea who that is. Marissa hesitated for a moment before responding, “I came here alone.” There was no turning back once she witnessed her mother freeze in place and lose her face. “First, let’s just take a stroll around.”

While the girls began to leave, Esme remained stunned. Her own daughter claimed not to know her in front of her friends. Why would she take such an action? It was only until a well-dressed woman approached Esme that she realized what to do.

“Good day, ma’am. I’m Poppy,” the woman said.

“Hello,” said Esme.

I apologize for interrupting, but I witnessed what transpired with those girls. That one, I take it, is your daughter? Poppy asked while pointing at Marissa.

Yes, exactly. She’s my daughter, but I don’t understand. Esme went on, “It’s unbelievable that she said she didn’t know me and left like that.

“Hey, what if we entered this store and made like girlfriends?” Poppy recommended.

“Oh, I apologize. Esme replied, “I can’t afford any of the clothes in here, but I can come with you.

“Avoid worrying about money right now. I got this, Poppy reassured her. Ignorant as to why this stranger was treated with such kindness, Esme followed this kind woman. However, it was a welcome diversion after her daughter openly rejected her.

They tried on a number of dresses, and Poppy persuaded her that one of them was really flattering. Poppy said to Esme, “I’m definitely buying that one for you.”

Oh no. There was no way I could accept. It’s really pricey,” Esme shot back.

“I refuse to listen to it. Everything is final—I’m buying it. We’ll also have to exchange these slippers for a gorgeous pair of shoes,” Poppy said to the salesperson assisting them. Esme had never worn anything so fancy, but she discovered a pair of stilettos that fit her well.

After Esme bought her new outfit and left the store, Poppy asked her to coffee. “May I ask you a question?” said Esme. “What makes you treat someone you don’t know so kindly and generously?”

Poppy said, “Well, I was once in your daughter’s position.” “Neither my parents nor I were well-off. They never had great clothes, but they did the best they could for me. I felt embarrassed by them too. However, I lost them in an accident not long after I graduated from high school.

“Oh, I apologize so much,” Esme answered.

“I’m grateful. That was the most trying time in my life. But then I got a call from their attorney. I discovered that, in order to pay for my college degree, my parents had barely made ends meet during my entire existence,” Poppy went on. “They saved even more money than I required.”

That’s also what I’m attempting to accomplish. Although the current economic crisis hasn’t made it easier, I’ve been saving for Marissa’s future,” Esme disclosed.

That’s right. Ultimately, I would never be able to make up for all the times I felt guilty about them. Poppy said, “I saw myself in your daughter earlier, and I felt so much remorse for many years. “I pray that my parents will pardon me from heaven for what I have done for you.”

Esme comforted Poppy, saying, “I’m sure they forgave you many years ago when you realized what you did wrong.” Marissa saw her in the new dress as soon as she walked into the coffee shop.

“Mum! Where did you purchase that outfit? And those footwear?” Marissa approached with her girlfriends and inquired.

“Mum? Esme said, “I’m not your mother, young lady.” Marissa’s stunned expression was met by Poppy’s smile, and Esme couldn’t stop laughing.

“About previously, I apologize. Marissa remarked, “Guys, this is my mom, Esme, and her friend,” observing them both chuckling. Upon seating the little girls, Poppy recounted the events of the day, including the reason behind her purchase of these garments for Esme. Undoubtedly, the day taught Marissa a very important lesson.

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