Mother refuses to let homeless son and his kids stay with her – years later she comes back begging

Many of us experienced some major shifts three years ago in 2020, when we had to adjust to the new normal following COVID-19.

Many were forced to deal with hybrid job environments and homeschooling, which was quite stressful.

For instance, this couple suffered considerably in 2020 when the wife was forced to quit her job in order to homeschool their three children. As a result, the family lost out on a significant portion of their income.

The couple had previously relied on their joint wages to assist pay for their essential living costs, such as bills and rent. However, the family of five could no longer afford to maintain a roof over their heads after the woman quit her job to care for their kids. As a result, they requested to be temporarily housed with the husband’s mother while they attempted to resolve their financial issues.

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How did the family end up on the streets?

When the mother learned that her family had been evicted and had nowhere to dwell, she withdrew her first offer to let them stay in two bedrooms of her house.

Now that they were without a place to live, the couple looked desperately for shelters where they could stay with their children. This proved to be challenging because the pandemic’s effects left a large number of additional families without a place to live.

This family ended up living in their vehicle for four months during that time. They eventually succeeded in finding housing in a homeless shelter, but the mother-in-law continued to maintain her distance, which strained her bond with the husband and wife.

The husband and wife couldn’t help but feel resentment against the mother-in-law because she had the option to aid them during their most vulnerable moment. Even though they had offered to pay, the husband’s sister made them feel uncomfortable whenever they asked to come take a shower at her house, which made the situation worse.

The wife claimed, “We were treated like unwanted people just because we had three children, were over 30, and were having financial difficulties.” Given that she had inherited the home from her late father and had even avoided paying taxes for five years, she was deeply offended and upset that her sister-in-law could treat them so badly.

The couple worked hard to provide a better life for their three young children because they were determined not to let their challenging circumstances defeat them.

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The pair changed their course in life.

They eventually succeeded in starting over and creating a brand-new house. The couple, in an attempt to increase their income, launched their own firm after successfully securing regular jobs. Hopefully, these actions would keep them from ever experiencing homelessness.

The husband and wife were immensely pleased of themselves for going from living in their van to having stable money, especially because they had accomplished all of this without the support of their relatives.

However, as the proverb states, “What goes around, comes around.” Before long, life threw a curveball for the mother-in-law, and she knocked on her son and daughter-in-law’s new house. They still remembered how she had treated them, though.

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The mother-in-law requested assistance.

The mother-in-law was in a difficult situation; in addition to working fewer hours and not receiving retirement benefits, she was in danger of losing her house. She had two eviction letters and a notice of lease termination.

In a state of desperation, she went to her son and daughter-in-law and requested permission to remain with them. “She came here yesterday afternoon and asked us if she could stay here,” the wife recounted.

The wife couldn’t help but find it hilarious that the same woman who had turned them away when they were homeless was now requesting assistance, despite the dire circumstances.

She reportedly informed her mother-in-law, who was angered by the statement, “There’s no chance of that happening.”

In an attempt to get support, the woman turned to her son, but he opted to stand with his wife and declined to assist, citing his own growing resentment that his mother had let her grandkids live in a van for four months. When the time came, she abandoned her family, even though she had given them a place to stay.

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The mother-in-law sobbed as she left their house, saying that the two circumstances were “completely different.” After telling her daughter what had happened, she hurried to her and soon after, the daughter contacted her brother to berate him for failing to assist their mother.

While it’s unclear why the daughter couldn’t have her own mother stay with her, the husband and wife stood their ground and chose not to accept the mother’s request – suggesting that she go to a nursing home instead.

When their friends learned what had transpired, they felt that their choice was a bit harsh, but the husband and wife are receiving support from others online.

“SIL should handle mama dearest. Seems a fitting end for them all,” one person commented on Facebook.

Nothing mean can come from your husband agreeing with you. She declined to assist you. SIL is able to house her,” said a more user.

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