Nicole Kidman, 56, sparks controversy in revealing backless dress – ‘not elegant at all’

Nicole Kidman, 56, is a gifted actor who recently caused a stir on the internet with her outfit selection for the Prime Video premiere of her series Expats.

The actress, who originally gained worldwide recognition for her performance in Days of Thunder, wore a figure-hugging black dress by Atelier Versace that exposed plenty of skin on both sides of her body and had a daring backless design with a high slit.

Kidman accentuated the ensemble with loose-fitting hair, rose-colored makeup, and sparkling silver jewelry from Roberto Coin.

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People’s opinions on Kidman’s striking Versace dress were divided when pictures of it started making the rounds on the internet. Some thought it was gorgeous, while others thought it was ugly.

Her appearance drew criticism from some, with one social media user writing, “Not elegant at all,” in response to a photo designer Roberto Coin shared on Instagram. quite dissatisfied with her decision. This is not the appropriate attire for someone her age.

A different person said that she didn’t seem feminine, and still another said, “OMG, she is too thin; I love this woman and wish her the best, [I] just worry about her 😍❤️.”

Amid the criticism, some people praised Kidman’s wardrobe selection. The gown’s splendor astounded onlookers, who commented, “The gown is beautiful,” and that Kidman’s “beauty is only matched by the stupendous Versace dress,” among other things.

The statement “This is the best I[‘ve] ever seen in a long time” was a compliment.

Image courtesy of Getty / Variety / Nina Westervelt.

Notwithstanding the web rumors, Kidman has long been considered an entertainment industry fashion star. She credits her grandmother and mother, Janelle, for influencing her passion of fashion.

“I grew up as a little girl with a grandmother that loved fashion and could sew and my mother the same,” Kidman reminisced to People in November of last year.I observed them as they knit, crochet, and embroider. And I believe that you come to enjoy that when you watch the members of your household do that as a child.

Kidman mentioned that she still likes to include her mother in the process of getting ready for occasions. In addition, the loving wife and mother has frequently discussed her lifelong love of fashion, saying to the Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve always been drawn to fashion, mainly classic lines with a twist; but edginess is something I don’t shy away from.”

When Kidman thinks back on her early years in the US, she believes that she was quite lucky to work in the fashion sector, particularly because she was able to meet designers early on and become friends with them.

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