Robert DeNiro goes gangster on mob of angry protesters who said ‘your movies suck’

The Godfather actor, who is vocal about his political beliefs, was recently challenged to a verbal duel by followers of Donald Trump. Furthermore, DeNiro did not back down from the Little Fockers who infuriated him, labeling the demonstrators as “gangsters.”

To find out more about DeNiro’s response to the admirer who ventured to remark, “Your movies suck!” continue reading.

Robert DeNiro, who was born in New York, has amassed a career spanning more than six decades and is regarded as one of the most accomplished and significant performers of his generation.

The 80-year-old man has achieved great success in a variety of cinema genres, including drama, comedy, and crime. He is considered one of the first gangsters, having played a youthful Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II (1974).

The girl group Bananarama’s 1984 hit “Robert DeNiro’s Waiting,” which topped the charts for 12 weeks in a row, was also inspired by the Goodfellas hero.

‘This is the time’

The vocal Democrat showed up outside the Manhattan courtroom housing Donald Trump’s hush money trial at the end of May.

At a Joe Biden campaign gathering outside of court was the star of The Intern, who just narrated an advertisement for the President.

Using his position, De Niro urged people not to support Trump in the approaching presidential election, saying he intended to “destroy not only the city, but the nation.”

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DeNiro told reporters outside the courthouse, “We’ve forgotten the lessons of history that showed us other clowns who weren’t taken seriously until they became vicious dictators.” “Now that we get a second opportunity with Trump, nobody is laughing. Now is the moment to permanently remove him from office by voting him out.

“I don’t mean to scare you,” he continues. Wait, maybe I really do want to frighten you. I can guarantee you that once [Trump] is in, he won’t go.

“You guys are gangsters.”

His remarks were met with condemnation from a group of enraged Trump fans who did not share his views.

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The Raging Bull actor tries to defend himself, saying, “You’re not going to intimidate; that’s what Trump does, to try f***ing intimidate.” We must retaliate militarily.

In response, Jason Miller, a top campaign strategist for Trump, reportedly called multiple Oscar winner DeNiro “a washed-up actor,” according to the Associated Press.

In this world, we are attempting to be gentlemanly. You guys are gangsters! The father of eight snaps back, “You are gangsters!”

A different voice can be heard among the enraged hecklers, yelling, “Robert DeNiro! You’re something of a punk.You have no significance! Your motion pictures are awful.

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Shortly after, the actor is heard yelling a well-earned “F**k you” as he is led past the crowd.

It’s unrealistic to expect celebrities to behave civilly in the face of critical individuals, and we hope his response serves as a reminder that they are also humans!

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