My husband unexpectedly surprised me with a romantic dinner, but there was a terrible reason behind it

A woman was served a betrayal that was too bitter to eat. She posted her twisty story on Reddit, where many were shocked by the cruelty of some people.

She begins by stating that Simon, her spouse, has never been a talkative man. Due to his somewhat aloof personality, he never truly showed his wife any affection. For this reason, she was completely taken aback one day when she returned home to find a beautifully arranged dinner table filled with delectable food and wine.

She didn’t realize that beneath the smile that was waiting for her was a deeper meaning that she had never noticed.


She asked, allowing her astonishment and happiness to pass, but with a hint of mistrust hanging on the edge, “Why all the fuss?”

“Is it not possible for me to show my wife kindness without a reason?” He stated in jest, but it was clear that he was upset.

She knew in her heart that there was more to this evening than met the eye, even if Simon remained silent during their supper. “Thank you so much for doing this, Simon; that was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.” But she raised her curiosity when she saw how anxious he was. “Avoid bringing it up,” he tremblingly said.

She questioned if anything was going on, jokingly implying that he appeared to be preparing her for something while they were sipping their last glasses of wine. She was surprised when he looked at the floor and sidestepped her gaze before answering.

At that moment, she experienced a sinking sensation in her stomach, a knotting sensation that indicated something was seriously wrong. “Really, what’s the deal? You’re behaving strangely, she urged, her chuckles turning to concern.

Simon said in a low voice, “I… I’ve made a mistake.” An error, she enquired.

His next words devastated her completely. Simon acknowledged he was seeing someone, and that someone was currently expecting twins, in a tremulous voice. But he stated that he had no intention of any of it happening.

He struck her again as she battled to catch her breath. She recognized the other woman.
With a tremble of remorse and terror in his voice, he said cryptically, “And I can’t hide who she is.” Then, before taking a call, he pulled out his phone and said, “Come in.”

After a few minutes, the door broke open. She recognized it as her sister. Her sister and her spouse!? Her eyes shocked her beyond belief. She was stabbed in the back by the two persons she trusted the most.

“You?” She regained her senses and gasped. “How were you both able to do this to me?”

Despite their claims that they didn’t intend for any of that to occur, the woman’s sister and husband were expecting two children together.

The woman was powerless. Her world fell apart as she tried to come to terms with her sister’s and husband’s betrayal.

She hoped in part that it was all just a bad dream. Her freely offered confidence was destroyed.

But despite everything, she felt she was worth it. She was unwilling to let this define who she was. She chose to move on and leave those who had wronged her behind after gathering all of her strength.

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