A Bride Won’t Change Wedding Time for Sister’s Nap Schedule and Stands Firm

“Clash might arise when two people uphold their boundaries. In today’s tale, a woman defied her obstinate sister by refusing to back down. She had a valid cause, too: she was getting married. The couple scheduled their autumnal wedding. My fiancé and I will tie the knot in October of this year. We are overjoyed to have become engaged in January. It’s a tiny wedding attended only by close friends and family.

My sister Lisa is the problem. Lisa and her spouse are parents to a 2-year-old kid. I can’t go into detail about the different reasons why Lisa and I aren’t very close. The wedding invites were sent out last month. We requested that guests arrive by 1:00 p.m. as our wedding begins at 1:30 p.m. The majority of guests, including Lisa, will find the place handy as it is near our hometown.

Lisa stated that her two-year-old’s nap schedule made the wedding time ineffective. She added that he gets grumpy if he doesn’t have his noontime nap. She replied she couldn’t because everyone she trusted will be at the wedding when I suggested they locate a babysitter. When I suggested that they attend the reception, she declined. I told her that we couldn’t modify the time, despite her insistence. And Lisa stated she was not coming. I was offended. She inquired about the possibility of adjusting the time once more a few days later. I denied that it was feasible. When I wasn’t there, she became irate and labeled me a bridezilla.



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