I was horrified to see my mil bathing my son in a sink, where we wash the dishes

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I frequently get asked, “Can I bathe my baby in the sink?” To be fair, it’s a question we questioned ourselves when our own kids were little, and it’s likely that our parents did too! In order to put an end to this dispute, we thought we’d offer you the lowdown on sink baths for babies—what to consider, why you should attempt them, and should you do so at all!

_Cuddledry.com Can I Bathe My Baby in the Sink?
There are a lot of reasons why new parents would think about giving their infant a sink bath. When a new baby is brought home, some families might not have access to a baby bath or may only have a shower in their bathroom. It’s possible that some families are just carrying on a multigenerational tradition!

Because there was no other option, many families would bathe their babies in the sink prior to the nursery industry’s development (and long before there were so many new baby essentials to add to your shopping lists!). Although there are many infant bath tubs available these days, many parents still believe that sink baths are more practical—after all, if it suits you, then why not?

Taking a baby bath versus bathing them in the sink
It could be a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of both options if you’re unsure whether to fill the sink or give your infant a bath.

Less water is used.
Because you have less area to work with, sink baths typically consume less water, which is a big benefit for many. This will not only result in lower water bills, but it will also benefit the environment greatly.

more comfortable for your back
Having to lean over a baby bath on the floor can be much more harmful to your back than standing at the sink. For this reason, sink baths can also be far more convenient for new mothers recovering from a c-section.

_Cuddledry.com Can I Bathe My Baby in the Sink?
Simple and rapid
Preparing everything for the baby bathing tub takes a lot more time and effort than filling the sink for your baby’s bath. Additionally, you can arrange all of your equipment on the draining board so that it is more conveniently accessible.

Location is crucial.
Many kitchen sinks are located near windows, which may not be the best arrangement during chilly months. One advantage of infant baths is that they may be moved to other areas of the house with water as necessary.

Not every sink has the same dimensions. Most baby bath tubs are made to fit little babies and are roughly the same size and form. Make sure to verify the practicalities before writing off the purchase of a tub. Your sink can be larger, smaller, shallower, deeper, or any combination of these.

Think about the cleaning supplies you own.
We’ll talk more about cleaning your sink later, but for now, just know that you’ll need to clean it both before and after giving your baby a bath, so plan what cleaning supplies you’ll need.

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