A man gently held a woman on the ice, and within seconds, the famous ‘Dirty Dancing’ dance had everyone on their feet.

“The Time Of My Life,” a classic song from the film Dirty Dancing, has been performed in numerous versions.

The song occasionally appears at weddings, celebrations, and parties, and once it begins, it cannot be ignored.

But we’ve never seen a dance version of the song on ice like the one you’re about to see.

Professional ice skaters typically train for many years, and they may train for many hours per day, seven days a week, to make their dreams come true.

But it’s all worth it when they walk into the arena and are greeted with love and warmth by the audience.

And you’ll get chills when you see these talented skaters glide to the tune of “The Time of My Life”!

It seems like only yesterday that this song began to play over the speakers. “Dirty Dancing” debuted more than three decades ago… But the movie’s theme song, “The Time of My Life,” is timeless.

The song topped the charts in 1987 and stayed there for a long time.

Although Stefania and Ondrej no longer skate together, their routine from a few years ago is breathtaking, and we can always return to watch their spectacular ice dance.

That’s why this video has recently made headlines and gone viral! They complement each other perfectly. It is impossible to ignore such chemistry on ice.


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