The Boss Dialed His Employee’s Home Phone Number

The manager needed to get in touch with his important employee immediately because they hadn’t phoned in ill or turned up for work and he had an urgent problem with one of the main computers. In an attempt to resolve the issue, he called the worker’s home phone number.

He was shocked to hear a young person answer the phone and speak quietly. When the manager inquired whether the worker was at home, the young person muttered that he was. When the supervisor asked to talk with the worker out of curiosity, he was answered with another hushed “no.”

The boss, not one to give up easy, inquired as to whether the child’s mother was at home. Once more, the response was a hushed “yes.” The boss asked whether anyone else was around in the hopes that he may leave a message with someone. There is a policeman, the child muttered.

The boss asked to meet with the policeman since he didn’t understand why the officer would be at his employee’s house. But the kid said in a whisper that the cop was preoccupied. The manager was curious as to what the child was doing, so he told him that he was speaking with the employee’s parents and a firefighter.

The boss, starting to get nervous, heard a loud noise coming from the phone in the background. The toddler muttered that it was a helicopter when he inquired what the noise was. The supervisor became worried and inquired about the situation, to which the youngster responded in a whisper that a search team had just touched down.

The boss, clearly nervous now, inquired as to what they were looking for. “Me,” the youngster muttered in response, her laughter stifled.

We are reminded of the value of family and the unwavering love that exists between a parent and kid by this touching tale. It serves as a reminder that, even in the middle of an apparently trying circumstance, life may occasionally surprise us with happiness.

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