House looks beautiful – but people refuse to buy it because of what they see inside

In matters of taste there can be no disputes, they say, and we can’t agree more, because the truth is that the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and what is attractive to some may be hideous to others and vice versa.

The same goes for one house in the UK which was listed for sale and which attracted a lot of buyers, but once they saw the inside, most of them said just “no, thank you,” and passed the property over

The house featured four bedrooms, a master suite, a garage, and a perfectly manicured garden. The listing stated that the property maintained “high standard” but it turned out that not everyone agreed on what these words meant exactly.

Right Move

Believe it or not, the interior of this seemingly perfectly looking home is purple, and that includes the walls, the carpets, the furniture. Well, everything, to be precise. No matter how much one is in love with this color, everyone agrees that this is simply too much. So, what else is purple? The floors, the ceilings, the curtains, you name it.

The purple color goes as far as to the closet doors in the master suite and while the walls might be easy to paint over, fixures such as closet doors can be a nightmare to replace.

Right Move

The tiles in the bathroom are white but with purple floral details on top. And while the bathtub itself is white, the bathroom floor and the sides of the bathtub are covered in shaggy purple carpeting.

Based on the exterior, one would never assume that everything inside this home is purple and unless the future buyer is also a huge lover of this color, selling it wouldn’t be a simple task.

Right Move

The house is listed for $5 million.

What do you think of this? Would you be able to live surrounded with so much purple?

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