Carrie Underwood and her 5-year-old son perform a heartfelt performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” in a beautiful duet.

If your family was anything like mine when you were growing up, you undoubtedly have your own well-chosen collection of Christmas favorites.

Mariah Carey and Wham! were off limits because my parents preferred traditional Christmas music, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for those tunes that have stood the test of time and bring back fond memories every time they’re heard.

That’s probably the reason I started crying inside the first time I heard Carrie Underwood and her kid perform a lovely duet of The Little Drummer Boy.

We can all agree, I think, that The Little Drummer Boy is a classic song.

The song as it is presently known was allegedly written in 1941 by Katherine K. Davis, however the lyrics are claimed to have been inspired by a traditional Czech hymn.

It has profited from numerous covers throughout the years, including performances by Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, and even Justin Bieber, much like any other popular Christmas song.

Although everyone has a different favorite rendition of this well-known musical song, you’re certain to discover something you enjoy in each one. It is a genuine classic for a reason, after all.

However, I can’t deny that when I first heard Carrie Underwood’s 2020 song—which she recorded with her then-5-year-old son Isaiah—I was overcome with a very pleasant feeling.

For those who do not know, which we hope are few, Carrie Underwood is a country music legend who has captured and delighted audiences time and time again throughout the years.

Her fans were ecstatic when she announced in 2020 that she would be releasing an album around Christmas, everyone’s favorite holiday.

The CD in question featured a seductive mashup of Carrie’s original songs and beloved Christmas tunes. However, the eleventh song—you guessed it—The Little Drummer Boy—stands out, at least to me.

Carrie made an appearance in a truly amazing duet with her son Isaiah, who was the one to provide the well-known vocals. and really nailed it.

Are you still not convinced by us? See the song’s music video below:

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