This touching prom story has gone viral once more, and we can all understand why.

Every now and then, average people do extraordinary things that make us believe in humanity again.

Why not spread the word about this sincere letter that was shared a few years ago on Facebook? Every time I see it, it still brings me to tears.

The parent at the center of the narrative recalls the day a woman barged into his office and demanded to talk to him about his autistic child.

Children with special disabilities frequently seek the same experiences as other children their own age. Finding a date for the school dance is every 17-year-old’s top priority, therefore it might be quite detrimental to their self-esteem if no one else wants to go.

Going alone can be a social disaster for an adolescent, even though it might not seem like a major concern in the larger scheme of things. For this reason, not finding a companion could seriously jeopardize one’s self-esteem.

Some youngsters lack the cognitive ability to comprehend everything and are extremely sensitive; this is especially true of children with exceptional problems, such as autism.

In this story, Mike Larson, the father of the autistic kid Jon, decided to document the activities leading up to his high school prom. He shared the entire story on Facebook, and millions of others have read and appreciated it since then. Go on reading!

The caption for Mike’s prom photo said, “This is my son Jon with his prom date Maddi.” “He has autism and is a junior.” A month or so ago, Jon’s parents and I were asked if Maddi, a senior at the school where I work, could take him to prom.

Update: I’m reprinting this in observance of its sixth anniversary. It surpassed one million shares last week. I’ve received…

April 27, 2013, a Saturday Michael Larson

Mike went on to explain, “Maddi had gotten to know Jon through a school club that promotes friendships between special needs kids and regular kids.””He’s a junior, so this is also his prom,” she continued. To put it plainly, I think he should be allowed to leave. I told her that we would be happy for him to accompany her.

Maddi chose to accompany Jon because she wanted him to enjoy the time of his life on prom night. She discovered after doing some research that Jon loves the color orange, so she purchased some clothes in that shade. She also booked appointments for their celebration table, which they shared with another couple, at a restaurant that served his favorite meals, chicken fingers, French fries, and chocolate milk.

Before asking Jon to the dance, Maddi was apprehensive to consult with his father.

Mike Larson said that “it was a pretty breathtaking moment.” He informed the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee.

Mike provided a justification for posting the prom photo on social media.

“To show support for organizations that foster these friendships.” 3. “To show support for special kids like Jon.”3. “to serve as a reminder to everyone that, despite everything that is going wrong, there are kind young people like Maddi who are working to improve the lives of others.”

After the couple’s post-prom life was initially made public in 2013, Mike Larson kept posting updates about it.

April 28, 2013, a Sunday Michael Larson

In 2019, he celebrated sharing his material on social media for the one millionth time and its global reach. A brief report on everyone’s wellbeing was provided by him. “Many have wondered how Jon is doing,” he continued. He remains at home and is thriving.

Additionally, Mike stated that Maddi, who is now married, occasionally gets “embarrassed” by the attention and doesn’t think it’s a good thing. “I want to thank everyone who has sent them well wishes,” Mike wrote at the end of the message.

When Jon’s father was given the diagnosis of autism more than sixteen years ago, he thought of a lot of possibilities. First, because of his autism, his son will never be able to attend a prom. But because of Maddi, Jon was able to enjoy a great prom night in addition to attending it!

In a statement, Mike Larson said, “It’s something I never thought would happen for our family, and not only did it happen, but it’s happened in such a beautiful way.” “And it’s beyond anything I could have imagined that it would continue and bless the lives of others.” It will rank among our most treasured recollections.

It’s 20 years old today—how is that possible? Jon, you are my favorite.

On January 19, 2015, a Monday, Michael Larson

It gives us all hope that there are still kind and decent people in the world. I adore that fact. If you enjoy this story, do as the father has asked and tell your loved ones about it as well!

This little girl is very sweet and considerate to consult his parents first! To preserve the memories of that special day, I hope they got a ton of pictures taken of them!

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