Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, marries 34-year-old bride Firerose, and fans are outraged about one small detail.

Billy Ray Cyrus recently tied the knot with Firerose. They organized a low-key wedding in 2022 after beginning a formal relationship.

After 28 years of marriage, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus disclosed their third divorce suit in April 2022. After then, Australian artist Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus began dating. In November 2022, they made their engagement public.

To learn more about the particulars that a few fans brought up, keep reading.

The two had already been close during Firerose’s tryout for a Hannah Montana role thirteen years prior. The rural singer remembers his initial encounter with Firerose.

He remarked, “There are a few old pine trees on the lot that remind me of Tennessee.” During the midday, I would take walks outside with his dog, Tex, and he would relieve himself. I would think about how much I missed Tennessee while we stretched. Firerose came out the front door that day. There was nearly a familiar moment, but I’m not sure. “This lady has it big,” I thought.

He said, “When she told me she had an audition, I said, ‘Well, I’m sure you got the job.'”

Cyrus introduced Firerose to multiple producers even though she was passed up for the role.

The casting agents, producers, and writers were all on the same floor as Hannah Monatana, and it was immediately apparent to me.”Tex will attest that you will be completely safe in this instance,” I told her, cautioning her against accepting an offer from a stranger.

I’m going to present a producer to you. Please feel free to unwind while watching us work. You never know, maybe it will lead to a job or just another Disney connection. So I left with Tex and she followed me back to the studio. She probably interacted with the writers, producers, and actors on a regular basis as well. And in many respects, we became friends,” the crooner added.

The two stayed friends until the beginning of the year, when Cyrus asked Firerose to be more than simply a friend after his divorce. Not long after he proposed, in August 2022, she moved in with Cyrus.

“Billy inquired, ‘Would you like to marry me?’ as he glanced at me. I responded, “Of course I do.” I treasure you. That moment is remembered by Firerose. He cried out, “I love you.” I would like to make this known in public. I want to live a lifetime with you.

A few months after his ex-wife Tish remarried, he wed Firerose. In August 2023, she wed Dominic Purcell, star of “Prison Break.”

Brandi, 36, and Trace, 34, the children of Tish’s ex-partners, were there and posed for pictures with Purcell and two of his four children. After Billy Ray got married, Tish and he adopted Brandi and Trace. Miley Cyrus, Noah, and Braison were all present with the two.

The fact that Noah and Braison chose not to attend their mother’s wedding was noteworthy. The siblings posted quick Instagram posts about their trip to Walmart the day before the wedding, during which Noah donned a Billy Ray t-shirt.

It’s unclear if Cyrus’ kids were there for his union with Firerose.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair received criticism from some fans when the couple shared pictures from their wedding day on social media! One reviewer said, “Could have at least brushed his hair for the occasion.” The question, “He couldn’t comb his hair?” was posed.

What? No hairbrush with all that money? asked a second individual.

It’s clear that a lot of people were curious in Billy Ray Cyrus’ hairstyle and the factors that influenced his decision to chop it off.

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