Kelly Osbourne announces major change to son Wilson’s name

Kelly Osbourne and her partner Sid Wilson decided on the name Sidney Wilson for their first child, who was born in 2022.

But Osbourne never liked a certain portion of their child’s name, and she was unable to persuade Wilson that it should be changed. See how the couple decided on a name for their son by reading on.

In a recent podcast episode of “The Osbournes,” Osbourne, 39, talked about “the biggest fight” she’s ever had with her partner.

“I wanted our son to be named after both of us, but Sid wouldn’t let me,” the woman remarked. “We had a heated argument. We can move on, but I feel like I was pressured into doing something I didn’t want to do, and I will never be able to forgive him for that.

Osbourne believed that ultimately Wilson would see her side, even though he insisted on giving their child only his surname. Though a lot of persuasion would be required.

“We are going to formally change our son’s name to reflect both of our last names after many eye-opening conversations and some couples therapy. He has finally seen the light.”

“He should have both of our last names because we both made our child,” she said.

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