After dog is hit and killed by car, family’s brutal sign has the whole neighborhood talking

Anyone who has ever cared for a dog for any length of time or owned one will attest to the loving attachment that is typically created whether or not one wants it.

I distinctly recall my father remaining steadfast in his belief that our family would never, ever have a dog. He was actually so opposed to it that he only agreed to let it stay after my brothers and I gave our mother a puppy as a Christmas surprise.

As luck would have it, after three months there was one resident of the home who loved the dog more than everyone else and even worshipped the floor it walked on: yes, that would be my dad.

I’ve lived with dogs for a long time, so I understand how quickly they become valued members of the family. For this reason, it is incredibly tragic to consider the possibility of losing a dog to a fast automobile.

The idea that for some individuals, burying a dog is similar to grieving a close member is not overly dramatic.

Sadly, too many pets are struck and killed by careless, fast-moving vehicles every year. You know the ones: those who just assume they can get away with driving recklessly, or those who seem to think the traffic laws don’t apply to them, especially in residential neighborhoods.

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Maybe it’s time to show someone you know this sign that went popular on the internet after an unfortunate family lost their dog to a speeding vehicle.

The family in question reportedly put up the sign on their front lawn in the hopes that other vehicles would take notice of their loud warning.

Although some may find the message a bit strong, I can personally relate to the family’s situation.

The placard said, “We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down.” “Your family may bury you if you hit one of my kids.”

The sign’s picture was posted on Facebook and then Reddit, where it quickly gained a lot of popularity.

Love the sign, one Facebook user commented. In communities, people drive far too quickly. Twenty or more is too fast. children riding bikes. It occurs that a ball ends up in the street while kids are playing in their own backyard. Thus, why is this issue present. That’s because people are f**king stupid, that’s why. Quite simply put.

“I never understand why people speed through neighborhoods…or parking lots,” a Reddit user commented in the meanwhile. Really, where’s the logic in that?

“Holy shit! My dog escaped, and the woman who ran him over didn’t even slow down. Simply ran over the man. A third said on Facebook, “A toddler could experience the same thing.

Nevertheless, several people also took issue with the sign. Some commenters felt that the family in issue shouldn’t have let their pets to wander around unattended and maybe get into danger.

What is your position on the issue? Use the comment section to share your opinions with us.

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