Woman refuses to babysit her grandkids, even though it might cause her daughter-in-law to lose her job

A grandma has posted a question on Reddit asking guidance in a difficult circumstance.
After four years of being a stay-at-home mother, the grandma said on her post that she turned down her daughter-in-law’s request to watch her grandkids for a week while she went back to work.

The daughter-in-law had evidently had trouble finding suitable daycare when she had at last secured a job.

Then, after two and four-year-old her two little children’s daycare placement was delayed, she asked her mother-in-law to take over for a short while.

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But the grandmother declined. She explained that this was because her daughter-in-law had very stringent guidelines for looking after the kids. The grandmother said she thought her daughter-in-law’s requests were a little out of line, but she was still prepared to look after her other son’s children.

One regulation was that the daughter-in-law wanted her kids to eat only vegetarian food, but she didn’t give it to them. She also disliked her kids watching TV and had strict rules about language. In addition, she insisted that the grandma provide worksheets for her four-year-old that are instructive.

Moreover, the daughter-in-law preferred that her children not be in the company of the grandmother’s acquaintances. The grandmother argued that this limitation in particular was ridiculous because it would interfere with her regular interactions with her friends. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her.

The grandmother firmly rebuffed her son’s pleas for help with the children, stating that her daughter-in-law was demanding too much and that the situation would be best served by a professional. But her daughter-in-law called her crying, wanting to keep her job opportunity.

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The grandma then made a post on Reddit to inquire about other people’s opinions about her choice. and there were a variety of answers.

“I can’t stand it when people treat grandparents like they’re free babysitter. Since they’re still young, it’s acceptable to break the rules once a week.Children adore visiting their grandparents because of this! Someone wrote, “I think you should be clear that if DIL is willing to make accommodations, you would be more than happy to take them, but if she won’t budge, that’s not on you; she can find another person to teach boot camp.”

However, some expressed harsher criticism of the grandmother, stating: “I was expecting you to tell that you were requested to care for them full-time, but instead you were asked to assist for a week. Yes, you agree that the requirements are a little excessive, but you would rather that your DIL not be hired for this position as it would cause you to be inconvenienced for five whole days. Act morally and lend a hand to your son and DIL.

Ultimately, opinions on the complex scenario appeared to be divided almost evenly. However, what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!

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