Hailey Bieber no longer hides her pregnancy! The model was recently spotted in public, proudly showing off her baby bump.

Pregnancy is no longer a secret for Hailey Bieber! The beauty was recently seen flaunting her baby bump in public.

Oh, and Hailey Bieber had to conceal her pregnancy for a considerable amount of time. The model and her spouse Justin disclosed that they were just six months along with their first child’s birth. Hailey persisted in sharing unposed photos of herself in crop tops and bikinis that were presumably taken much earlier during this period. However, the girl’s loose appearance when she appeared in public only served to perplex the audience and fuel more suspicions regarding Bieber’s circumstances. Thankfully, Haley can go for a walk in her typical clothes now since there are no secrets left to keep her from baring her pronouncedly wide belly.

For the first time since the pregnancy announcement, Justin and Hailey were seen going for a stroll in Los Angeles the day before, according to the Daily Mail. As usual, the chic celebrity wore an oversized suit and a short top, which highlighted the person who will soon become a mother in this picture. It’s worth noting that Hayley looks far more comfortable and familiar in this outfit than, say, when she was depicted as a bandit’s girlfriend on “Super Bowl 2024.” Like before, Justin was very different from his wife. The fact that they both appeared relaxed and at ease is still crucial, though. After going back on stage, the singer’s face shows no signs of the mental health issues that his friends had mentioned; it appears that getting ready for parenthood is having the desired effect.

Fans were still perplexed by one aspect. They claim we might have to see another star flaunting her pregnant belly on a regular basis. Is that possible? People are so sick of seeing “pregnant” photos of Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna together that they will not tolerate seeing another celebrity look like this. Still, there’s no need to panic given how infrequently Hayley makes an appearance that pleases us.

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