She was walking in the park and saw her son holding this plant. She panicked and went straight to the doctor.

Unusual red plants that leak liquid are rare, especially when those plants have health benefits! Although the exact makeup of the red substance oozing from the bleeding tooth fungus is still unclear, research indicates that it contains a pigment with antibacterial and anticoagulant qualities. Interestingly, compounds in it are also suspected to have anti-Alzheimer’s properties.

Despite its frightening appearance and horrible bitter taste, the Bleeding Tooth Fungus—which goes by the odd moniker “Strawberries and Cream” due to its resemblance to a fruit Danish—is not hazardous. However, it is inebriating due to its strong bitterness.

One sunny day in the park, Sherry Dinny suffered a short-lived panic episode. She saw her eight-year-old kid had red marks around his mouth and was clutching an unusual plant while they were enjoying a leisurely stroll. She made a swift movement to face her kid.

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