Dad talked to his daughter for 9 months: She recognized him immediately after birth

The first meeting with your baby is always a special and exciting moment for every parent. Especially when it happens for the first time in your life! Recently, a Brazilian couple experienced such a moment, but it was made even more extraordinary by the unusual reaction of their newborn baby.

Just a couple of minutes after the birth, baby Antonella gave her parents her first smile! And it turns out that there was a reason: it turned out that the father of the newborn girl, Flavio Dantas, was constantly talking to her when Antonella was still in her mother’s tummy.

The man every day, leaving for work, said warm words to his daughter. The girl’s mother Tarsila began to notice that the child begins to behave actively when she hears her husband’s voice. The woman understood that their baby could distinguish voices and this was confirmed immediately after the birth!

When Flavio approached his newborn daughter and spoke, the girl returned him with the cutest smile in the world! The man admitted that he simply could not describe the feelings that he experienced after the smile of his daughter. They have a very strong bond and feel each other even when they are far from. This is unconditional love between the father and the daughter.

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