‘I’m Leaving Y’all,’ says Whoopi Goldberg as she exits ‘The View’ during the Miranda Lambert controversy.

This week, Whoopi Goldberg shocked viewers of “The View” by storming off stage during a live show. The incident was brought on by singer Miranda Lambert’s recent controversy, in which she stopped a performance to reprimand fans for taking pictures of her while she was performing. In actuality, Whoopi Goldberg left the show as a joke and wasn’t really leaving, despite the objections of many critics. As the co-hosts argued with Miranda Lambert, videos of Whoopi Goldberg storming off “The View” went viral. Many critics were hoping for one or two nuanced moments.

To put things in perspective, Miranda Lambert made headlines when she abruptly halted her performance to yell at some fans who wanted to take pictures with their concert experiences. Miranda Lambert’s tickets were probably more than a few dollars, and people frequently take pictures at concerts to share on social media or save as mementos. The co-hosts of “The View” were debating Miranda Lambert’s stance on several issues, such whether or not she should have interrupted the show to yell at viewers or whether or not concertgoers should be allowed to snap pictures. It was a disorganized mess of thoughts that had Whoopi stand up, face the crowd, and say, “I’m leaving y’all.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin tried to handle Miranda Lambert’s controversial topic by taking a balanced approach. Griffin begged Lambert not to criticize those who came to watch her perform since it would be embarrassing for them, particularly if they are merely taking pictures and not upsetting other fans. At this point, Whoopi Goldberg enters and suggests that the fans’ taking selfies is rude. Whoopi replied, “They came to see her, they paid for the tickets, so she’s singing.” [Exercise] at least some deliberation… Realize that both she and you are able to see each other.

The fans who were being yelled at by Miranda Lambert were seated somewhat close to the stage during the selfie incident, as noted by Sara Haines, another host. However, does that mean the well-known singer need to be yelling at them, stopping the performance, and causing a stir? That is up for debate, and according to a Page Six article reporting Whoopi Goldberg’s exit, Sunny Hostin implied that Miranda Lambert is to fault.
Sunny Hostin, who was quoted by Page Six, alluded to the price of VIP seats at the venue where Miranda Lambert faced criticism for her selfie. The most costly seats in the VIP section cost $757. I’m sorry, just me, but I’ll take as many selfies as I want for $757. That may seem a bit extravagant, but to defend those who take selfies, you better believe I would have some photos of the event if I paid that much for any performance. For that kind of money, I’d take as many shots as I wanted, and Miranda Lambert would never hold it against me. Although I’m on the “I paid for this, and I want a photo or two of it” bandwagon, I wouldn’t stand by and shoot endless selfies. Enjoy the show, snap photos when it’s appropriate, and be in the moment. In order to get the best experience possible without being publicly embarrassed by a stiff vocalist, fans might find a middle ground.

Things start to become intriguing at this point. Whoopi Goldberg responds to Sunny Hostin by advising people to “stay home” if they are unable to stop taking selfies. When Whoopi Goldberg stated that fans should concentrate on the performance, Sunny Hostin started to argue her position in the Miranda Lambert debate. At that point, Whoopi Goldberg leaped to her feet and made her way over to the live audience, taking a picture with a member in an effort to support her position. However, did it truly succeed? It is all up to you. VIEW THE VIDEO UNDERNEATH:

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