She Was At Work When Her Boss Called Her To His Office Urgently

Some individuals truly enjoy the CNBC television program “Profit.”

In it, self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis provides his own funds to struggling small businesses in order to assist them.

Marcus Lemonis has long recognized the need of giving employees a sense of fulfillment in their work and a sense of value for their contributions.

His guiding principle is to treat his employees fairly and kindly. In the long run, this increases their level of job satisfaction and productivity.

The owner of the Key West Key Lime Pie Company is Tami Forbes.

Even though Tami handles everything from marketing to stocking the shelves, her weekly income is only $500 US.

In addition, Tami is expecting her third child and has two sets of eight-year-old twins.

At that position, Tami is on her feet for nine hours every day. In order to make ends meet, she also works a second job. She must, of course, take care of her family when she gets home from work.

Tami was anxious about how she was going to pay her bills because she was going to take maternity leave.

Before you go, I’m going to require your assistance. You’re going to be our leader here, and I have certain things to get done. But I wanted to give you some money so you may be able to have nice piece of mind,” Marcus replies.

Next, Tami is promised a raise upon her return to work, along with full compensation during her maternity leave.

“Knowing that I make enough money to live on and save money is everything.” It’s never been that way for me,” she remarks.

However, Tami is about to get even more lucky. Watch the video down below:

This is how many companies ought to treat their dedicated employees.

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