Parents Expected to Have One Baby, But Identical Triplets Were Born: How Do They Look Today?

Pregnancy is a special, emotional, joyful, and loving experience for every woman. However, worries and anxieties over the pregnancy are typical. But once the much-awaited child is born, these worries subside.

As an Iranian woman found out, mothers are occasionally taken aback by unexpected advantages.

Throughout her pregnancy, she had intended to have a single child, thus she was shocked to give birth to three identical girls: Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz. Twenty years ago, this happy event took place in a modest Iranian household.

Even though they were struggling financially, the parents were ecstatic when their girls arrived. Although women’s chances were restricted by Iranian social conventions, they gave them the best education and upbringing possible.

As the daughters grew older and realized there were limited opportunities in Iran, they decided to take the risk of moving to London.

Encouraged by their father, they set off on this new trip, fleeing their homeland in search of a better future. They pursued modeling careers in London, where they signed deals with renowned brands and were extremely successful very soon.

The sisters don’t have much international notoriety, but they still have hope for success.

The sisters keep a consistent online persona while sharing pictures of their glitzy travels and lifestyles on social media. They frequently coordinate their clothes to keep everything in line since they cherish their sense of style.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz are appreciative of their parents’ unwavering support and hopeful about their future pursuits.


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