Woman learns a dark secret about her husband’s double life

Olivia, who was expecting her second child, went through what most expectant moms go through: she was tired and took comfort in retreating inside and giving in to her junk food desires. Fortunately, Olivia’s closest friend Ava offered to keep her busy so that she wouldn’t have to ride through her emotional roller coaster alone.

Ava once proposed that the two go to a pottery lesson and make something for the baby shower. Olivia reluctantly consented, but Ava was too thrilled about it. The two made arrangements for Malcolm, Olivia’s husband, to look after their second child.


They joined the other women present and took their place. The women began telling their birth tales as the seminar went on.

Olivia felt shivers down her spine when one of the women spoke. On July 4, the day Olivia gave birth to her first daughter Tessa, it so happened that she gave birth to her son. However, the woman’s husband was not present because Olivia, his sister-in-law, was also giving birth at that same moment.

There was too much coincidence in this.


The woman went on to say that her husband, who shared Olivia’s name, Malcolm, had missed his son’s first birthday because he had gone to his niece’s birthday celebration instead.

Olivia and Ava exchanged a shocked look at that point. Olivia gave the woman a picture of her husband to be sure the woman wasn’t referring to her own Malcolm, and she inquired as to whether there was any possibility that the man in question was the one in the picture. The woman seemed astonished. “Yes, that’s the father of my son,” she said, hardly gathering the confidence to say it.

Olivia’s emotions sank. When she learned that Malcolm was having a son with a different lady, everything in her life fell apart.

Seeing the seriousness of the issue, the other women in the pottery party exchanged sympathetic looks.

After apologizing, Olivia and Ava got inside the car.


It took a day for Olivia to get up the nerve to speak with Malcolm.
“Given that my due date is in five weeks, I couldn’t let this fester. Before adding our infant to this nightmare, I needed to know how we might proceed,” she stated.

After he reluctantly acknowledged that he had fathered a kid with the other woman, Olivia looked up divorce attorneys.

She acknowledged that the road ahead will be difficult, but she is committed to getting well for her kids.

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