The Night of Regret

A young married man once happened to be in the company of an extremely beautiful woman. The man promised to pay $500 for her company, and they decided to spend the night together. He couldn’t help but feel, though, that the evening hadn’t lived up to his hopes as it drew to a close. In his opinion, the sum he had consented to pay was excessive considering everything he had gone through.

They agreed that instead of giving her cash, he would send her a check made out for “apartment rent.” They might part ways in good grace in this way. However, the man remained unsatisfied and chose to send her a letter expressing his dissatisfaction along with only half of the agreed-upon amount.

He said in the letter, “Dear Madam,
I’ve enclosed a $250 check that is meant for your rent. I had certain expectations when I rented the place, so I sent more money than we originally agreed upon. My expectations included a comfortable living area, a warm and inviting ambiance, and an empty apartment. But last night I found out that the apartment was too big, didn’t have enough heating, and had been occupied before.

The woman was shocked to receive the letter and the lower payment. Without delay, she gave the man back the cheque and wrote back, “Dear Sir,
First of all, I find it unbelievable that you thought a stunning flat would be empty for ever. Regarding the heating problem, it can be solved if you know how to use it correctly. Additionally, the room’s size is more than adequate. If you are dissatisfied with the furniture, please do not hold the landlord responsible. I have to let you know that I will have to get in touch with your present landlord if you don’t send in a check for the entire $500.

This tale serves as a warning not to assume anything and to never make snap judgments. If we do, we can encounter unanticipated repercussions. So let us all learn something from this story. Spread the knowledge by telling your friends and family about this story on Facebook.

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