This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush

A nurse from Essex, England, found an abandoned suitcase on the pavement on her way to work. Her instincts told her to go closer and look around. When the woman opened it, she was genuinely surprised!

In a bush was found a bag that contained fifteen kittens that were no older than three or five weeks.

The suitcase has multiple holes punched in it so that air could get inside and let the poor kittens breathe. It seems that whoever left them must have wanted them to live. Additionally, the “luggage” was deliberately disposed of next to a well-known animal refuge.

Since the kittens have not yet been weaned, feeding them to a person is necessary to avoid nutritional problems.

Fortunately, caregivers at the facility are ready to search for the 15 souls until they find a home. At this point, the kittens are too young and delicate to be let out into the wild.

“Although the others initially seem to be in good health, we want to closely monitor them to ensure their overall well-being. Six of them exhibit some symptoms of eye infection.”

Watch the video below to hear the full story of the lucky kittens:

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