New husband demands wife give stepdaughter her family heirloom instead of her own daughter

A person who owns a family heirloom takes on the responsibility of being its custodian, making sure it is passed down securely from one generation to the next.

But for one woman, when her new husband suggested a different strategy, this straightforward idea took a very bad turn.

The 35-year-old woman posted her problem on Reddit, where she sought advice. She explained that her family custom of giving an emerald necklace to the oldest son or daughter on their 14th birthday was the root of her problem. This treasured artifact is scheduled to be given to Emily, her daughter, on her forthcoming 14th birthday in January 2024.

The woman revealed that she and her spouse Joey had been dating for four years and that they had both had daughters from prior relationships. They had been married for two years.

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Even though Joey knew about the family custom and the woman’s plan to give Emily the necklace, he made an outrageous suggestion during a discussion about Christmas gifts.

Joey suggested that the emerald jewelry be given to his daughter Sophia instead, explaining that this would allow the mother to show her acceptance of Sophia as her daughter. The wife, uncomfortable with this notion, clarified that Emily, her daughter, was excited to receive the necklace and was aware of the family custom. Sadly, Joey was really obstinate and wouldn’t alter his mind.

Indeed, he accused his wife of showing partiality, saying that she was being conceited and that she could easily buy Emily another necklace on Amazon! But the woman refused to back down, adamant that Emily would inherit her family heirloom regardless of Joey’s opinion.

He ended up giving her the silent treatment because he was obviously not impressed by her refusal to change her opinion (except when the children were around).

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After that, Joey escalated the situation even further by telling his mother and sister about it. They then accused the woman of showing partiality and agreed with Joey that Sophia should receive the necklace.

Sensing that her marriage was suffering, the woman looked to Reddit for feedback on whether or not what she had done was appropriate. Not surprise, the internet community enthusiastically agreed with her!

“You’re not favoring one kid over another,” someone commented. Emily is your child, and she owns the necklace. There is nothing your [stepdaughter] is entitled to. If it was really that essential to him, I would have told him that his daughter could obtain the imitation from Amazon.

“Having said that, you should store the necklace in a secure location, such as a bank box, since I can assure you that as soon as Emily gets her hands on it, it will either “disappear” or be shattered by “accident.”

“It needs to be locked up in a safe place so that neither your [stepdaughter] nor your husband can get their hands on it,” said another individual who agreed. Even though you think it’s Emily’s, I would sit down with her and explain why you’re doing it and why it’s best to keep it secure.

How do you feel about this circumstance? Would you have followed this woman’s lead? Tell us in the comments below!

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